NY style spotting: The sponge bag

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NY style spotting: The sponge bag 1

A roomy zip compartment for your essentials

NY style spotting: The sponge bag 1

The bag is held like you would a powder puff or a sponge

NY style spotting: The sponge bag 1NY style spotting: The sponge bag 1

From studs and prints to crystals and skulls, handbag designs have gotten extremely complicated over the last few seasons. Bags became big, flashy, and far from discreet, with huge price tags to match. So ginormous were their dimensions that petite, skinny celebs like the Olsen twins could have curled up inside them. And as with any fashion piece that has a “statement” look, you run the risk of having a one-season-only item, making a pricey item hard to justify.

Unlike those bags that have been stamped to death with logos, this bag FRE spotted at If Soho is unlike any other. Playful yet simple, this is sure to be one conversation piece. This bag may seem funny at first (is it a huge sponge? A powder puff? A diaphragm?), but then it exudes a beguiling quality once you figure out how to hold it. It feels luxurious — it’s made of leather and suede, and inside, a silk lining.   

So what do you put in a purse that’s in a shape of a sponge? Well, a compact, of course!  The clutch is actually big enough to hold essentials like cash, cards, a phone, and some makeup. It also comes in black, but the fact that you’re wearing it suggests playfulness, so why not go for the flesh tone one?

Available at If Soho on Grand Street, New York for US$385

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