Bag finds in Bali

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Bag finds in Bali 1

Snakeskin shoes, bags, and small leather goods galore at Ebiza

Bag finds in Bali 1

Clutches and crossbody bags in various sizes and colors

Bag finds in Bali 1

My picks: Oversize tan clutch (around 100 USD) and small white clutch (around 50 USD)

Bag finds in Bali 1Bag finds in Bali 1Bag finds in Bali 1

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of going to Bali, Indonesia with the “gang” to attend a good friend’s wedding. Though we were busy with all the wedding festivities, we made sure to set aside some time to do a little shopping before heading home.

In Bali, there is only one place where the stylish locals and expats shop – Seminyak. Walking past the gaping holes in the sidewalk is a bit inconvenient and there’s not much of a choice really, so we obviously ditched the heels and once there, we discovered some really great finds in the area.

While Bali is popular for its home accessories, furniture, and silver jewelry, we didn’t expect to find snakeskin bags here – for as low as 50 USD! Quite a surprise really, to see several stores here selling snakeskin bags in every style and color, since outside Bali, they are marketed in the fashion world as “exotic” and hence, expensive. For those in the know, 50 USD is a pretty good deal considering branded ones from the likes of Nancy Gonzalez and Zagliani cost at least 2,000 USD (and that would depend on the size of the bag, as well).

The girls and I singled out one store in particular – a store called Ebiza. The store carries an assortment of snakeskin items from shoes and bags to jackets and small leather goods, but most of us picked out simple envelope clutches. We crowded the store for a good half hour just choosing which colors to pick since the store sells them in literally every color. I ended up buying a small white one for 50 USD and a tan one for around 100 USD.

The intriguing part after all the shopping is, are they really made of snakeskin? The store girl certainly said so. Comparing the branded models to the ones we got in Bali, the difference is in the finish. Those sold in Bali look a little raw and untreated compared to the branded bags, which are supposedly exported to Europe for tanning and finishing. But for the price we paid, they’re great items to buy for yourself and for your friends. And if you happen to have more time, you can have an item custom-made for you, as well. Neat, right?

Ebiza is located along Jalan Oberoi/Jalan Laksmana, Seminyak (near Seminyak Square)




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