BB cream for nails: Yay or nay?

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BB cream for nails: Yay or nay? 1

The new nail polish

If you go around the beauty counters these days, chances are, you won’t miss seeing BB creams — they’re everywhere, in several brands and various formulations, shades, finishes and price points.

And it seems the beauty industry’s obsession with alphabet-named creams shows no sign of abating.

First there were formulas containing wrinkle-reducing ingredients for your face, then smoothening lotions for the body, then anti-aging formulas for your hair — and now there’s even one for your nails?

American brand Orly has launched what they say is an industry first with their BB cream for nails. Blemish balms do the work of four or five products in one: moisturizer, sunscreen, primer, concealer and foundation. And now, Orly has applied the same multi-tasking principle to nail polish.  Orly’s BB Crème All-in-One Topical Cosmetic Treatment, around USD$27, contains hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C to prime, brighten and smooth nails. The claim is that the BB Cream will help improve overall nail texture, health and brightness, so that they look great sans nail polish.

It’s  not supposed to be used as a basecoat or topcoat either, but rather, a more natural alternative to polish. When worn alone, it give nails a pearlescent “natural glow”. Personally, I’m not sure using this will make my nails look “younger,” but I like the natural-looking finish since I stopped wearing polish after getting into jewelry design. Offhand, you can get a similar effect with nail treatments in the market, or you can even use a simple pinkish base coat.     




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