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Beauty dispatch from NYC 1

What the doctor recommended: Vivite Replenish Hydrating Cream

Beauty dispatch from NYC 1

Phyotphanere supplement keeps helps keep hair strong and healthy

Beauty dispatch from NYC 1

iSClinical Pro-Heal Serum Advance

Beauty dispatch from NYC 1

Phyto 9 leave-on conditioner

Beauty dispatch from NYC 1

It's a 10 Miracle Leave-in Potion

Beauty dispatch from NYC 1Beauty dispatch from NYC 1Beauty dispatch from NYC 1Beauty dispatch from NYC 1Beauty dispatch from NYC 1

Another year gone, another reason to spruce up the armaments against the enemy of us mortals: Aging. Each year we have to modernize and upgrade like a well-oiled army to prevent lines and wrinkles from marching all over our territory. Here are a few products I’ve discovered here in NYC — all of it I personally swear by — that might also help you win the battle (at least for next twelve months).

For the skin

When I had my iS Clinical Fire and Ice Facial (glycolic peeling followed by intense cool-down), my aesthetician recommended the iS Clinical Pro-heal Serum Advance as part of my regimen. You know those two days when you look horrifying after a peel? Pro-heal speeds up the process of healing and reduces the inflammation a great deal. But you don’t have to have had a facial to use this. It is essentially a supplement as well, packed with vitamins E and A, and reduces everyday inflammation like to insect bites or even cystic acne. Way long after my facial, as I keep using it, I see the difference: skin that’s tighter and blemish-free!

Now I feel this is the real secret to anti-aging. I’ve read a lot of products purported to work, but this is what I have been using since I turned a certain age (somewhere in my early thirties), as advised by my Soho dermatologist, Dr. Elizabeth Goldberg: Vivité Replenishing Cream. I have nothing else to say about this magical moisturizer other than it really does keep my skin supple and free of the finest lines. It works well in the wintertime when it’s really dry, but I’ve also tried using it in the tropics (playing tennis at that). It can get a little heavy, but that’s no sacrifice for looking young. 

For the hair

Let’s start off with something you take orally — Phyto’s Phytophanère Diet Supplement. Phytophanère is one of Phyto’s top three sellers in the US, and for good reason. Users suffering from hair loss have attested amazing improvements with thickness and luster. It’s not a treatment, so Phyto reps say it’s perfectly safe to take even though you’re not suffering from any hair problems. In fact, healthy hair will be even healthier, and bonus effects include stronger nails and longer lashes. 

For everyday application, Phyto 9 Crème du Jour is an excellent daily cream for your hair. If you put lotion on your hands, Phyto 9 is the lotion for your hair. Apply a tiny amount daily especially if you have a few days in between washes. The effect is marvelous.

Another product, It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-In Potion Plus Keratin is another fantastic product to keep hair healthy. Don’t be misled by the keratin label. It’s not a straightening product, or exclusively for those who’ve had keratin straightening. It’s for every type of hair. High humidity can do all sorts of weird things to your hair, so if your hair is especially vulnerable to that, this product will keep your hair frizz-free without weighing it down.



Phyto is available at all Rustan’s Department Stores; Check Vivite at; iSclinical at; It’s a 10 line at

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