How Botox and fillers can age you

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How Botox and fillers can age you 1

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There’s no denying that some celebrities and socialites have fabulous and toned physiques despite being of a “certain age.” However, a close inspection of some of their photos will reveal that they are beginning to look alike with their soaring eyebrows, triangular-shaped faces, trouty pouts, and slanting eyes – it’s a look that becomes noticeable because of the glaring work they had done. These women have features so feline that the international gossip rags call celebs with such faces part of the “Celebrity Cat Club.” Another variation is the “pillow face,” where so much filler is injected into cheeks, they begin to look unnaturally plump, like a fluffy pillow.

Perhaps the difference in the beauty business then and now is the number of women who rush to the doctor who have not yet hit 40 – the typical age when women kickstart their anti-aging regimens. It’s what Vogue magazine calls “the face of indeterminate age” – where 40-year old women can look 20 and 20-year old pretty young things can look 40 with their waxy, mannequin-like features.

There is no doubt that a little Botox, fillers, and laser administered with a light hand on the right candidate can give a more youthful look, says Dr. Jean Marquez of the Skin Specialist Clinic. But for those who don’t really need it, high cheekbones can degenerate to cheeks that resemble marshmallows. A little work done on the face coupled with positive feedback from friends encourage one to do it again, and at higher doses.  

While the “pillow face” is obviously caused by overdosing on fillers, the “cat face” is the effect of having too much of everything. The overall result is not a youthful look, just one trying to look young and on a young face, a stiff, unnatural look that adds years.

Luckily, Botox and most fillers wear off after a few months and are thus reversible. “In these instances too much filler will eventually be reabsorbed by the skin. The problem is if one gets permanent fillers. Silicone is usually used for permanent fillers, so if a patient comes in with lumpy permanent fillers, this has to be removed by a plastic surgeon and can leave scars,” adds Marquez.

So how does one avoid falling into this trap? Look at your options first. Marquez usually recommends firming treatments such as Ulthera or Refirme, or Ipixel or high-powered fractional lasers to smoothen the skin. Should one opt for fillers and Botox, ask to see the doctor’s “look book” of before-and-after photos first and start with small amounts for a less-drastic effect. “A face that looks natural is the goal, not a face that looks angry even when you’re not,” says Marquez.

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This is an excerpt from the article “Botox and fillers – how they can, in fact, age you” by Melanie Cuevas

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