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Chill out 1

Best the heat with these iced pops made of iced lemon water with berries

No, it’s not your imagination — it is definitely getting hotter. It’s sticky, uncomfortable and can be downright dangerous for your health. In fact, it was reported that the eight warmest years on record occurred over the past decade. But staying cool this summer doesn’t necessarily mean you have to rely on air-conditioning 24/7. Some suggestions to beat the heat:

1. When entering your car, open windows first to purge the hot air, before turning on the AC.

2. Keep hydrated by drinking plenty of liquids. Try to cut down on caffeine (it’s a diuretic) or opt for iced tea or affogato instead of hot drinks.

3. For cooling snacks, make yoghurt, juice or pureed fruit iced pops. You can buy these molds from any kitchen or home store. I like to use lemon water with berries or a mix of orange and cucumber juice with a bit of ginger.  

4. Sitting for a while? Soak your feet in cold water. You can add some peppermint oil for more cooling effect.

5. For extra cooling, keep a spray bottle handy and regularly mist yourself with water, or for extra skincare benefits, thermal water sprays sold by Avene and Evian.




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