Hassle-free gift shopping: Amazon Kindle store

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Hassle-free gift shopping: Amazon Kindle store 1

The holiday rush has officially started (38 days to go before Christmas to be exact)  — and I haven’t even begun with my Christmas shopping! One item I will never tire of giving (and receiving) though, is a good book.

When Amazon launched its international Kindle Store a few years ago, I became an instant e-book convert. Just imagine not having to carry all your reading with you when you’re traveling — and you save on paper, too!

For those who aren’t done or haven’t even started with your holiday shopping, did you know that you can also give an e-book as a gift? It takes the guesswork out of thinking whether your friend/loved one will like the book you’re planning to give, or worse, already own a copy of it.

To get started, all you need is to have an account with Amazon, then look for the wish lists of your friends and loved ones (or ask them to create one). A wish list is like a gift registry actually, that you can find on Amazon’s website. Once you’ve found the name of the wish list you’re looking for, just choose an item from the list, and the e-book will be charged to your account and will automatically download on the recipient’s Kindle device. One drawback of course, is that the package doesn’t really come gift-wrapped, but you can leave a personalized email message instead. I just gave an e-book present today, and it took me less than 5 minutes to complete the transaction.  It’s also a perfect gift idea for friends and family living overseas – how easy is that?

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