When in London: Atelier Josh Wood

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When in London: Atelier Josh Wood 1


When in London: Atelier Josh Wood 1

The salon's vast selection of cult beauty products in the lobby area

When in London: Atelier Josh Wood 1When in London: Atelier Josh Wood 1

Let me begin this post by sharing that it seems to be becoming a bad habit of mine that whenever I make a trip somewhere, I try a new haircut. The last one, in Seoul, had not-so-good results and needed the intervention of my go-to hairstylist here in Manila, Chiyo Tagami of Sei Salon. The layers of that cut, Chiyo said, may have looked nice with Korea’s cool weather at that time, but it didn’t work well with Manila’s humid weather.

Fast forward to 2014 and I again decide to try a cut while on a study/vacation trip to London, this time at the popular Josh Wood salon at Lansdowne Mews in Notting Hill. Among the salon’s principal stylists, I chose to book an appointment with Philippe Tholimet – I figured with him being French and all, he must know that undone look which is what I’m after.    

When I arrived at the salon, it seemed more like an art space than your typical neighborhood “parlor”  – featuring art collaborations, bespoke floral arrangements and what they call a “living wall,” similar to a vertical garden. As an added bonus, clients also get iPads for their personal use.    

Philippe and I talk a bit first – I explained how humid it can get here in Manila, how some stylists make the mistake of cutting my fine hair in thin layers and most importantly, how I wanted something fuss-free as I can be quite lazy when it comes to hairstyling (I even step out of the house with wet hair, I said). He suggested adding a few more layers to my hair, and after snipping here and there, voilà! My hair somehow looked a little more wavy with the additional layers. He showed me how it would look like if I left it to air-dry versus blowdrying (personally, I like the look better with air-drying) and also recommended a few texturizing products to try from the salon’s vast array of products in the lobby area. Philippe recommends those from another popular stylist, Oribe. The price? More than what you would usually pay for a cut in Manila, but it was well worth it.

Atelier Josh Wood 6 Lansdowne Mews London W11 3AN



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