Why men shouldn’t carry their girlfriends’ purses

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Why men shouldn’t carry their girlfriends’ purses 1

Exhibit A: A man carrying his girlfriend's shoulder bag in Korea (photo from

Why men shouldn’t carry their girlfriends’ purses 1

Another sighting! Serious bag love in Beijing (photo from NBC's Behind The Wall)

Why men shouldn’t carry their girlfriends’ purses 1Why men shouldn’t carry their girlfriends’ purses 1

For a lot of Asian men, love is in the bag. If you’re traveling to Asia for the first time, especially to places like Taiwan, China, Korea, and the Philippines, you’ll notice this mind-boggling phenomenon you will rarely see in Europe or in The Americas – men who carry their significant others’ purses. Clearly, this isn’t about the women not being able to carry the bags in question. For some men, it’s a show of chivalry and affection. Others look at it though as a show of who’s in control – and in this instance, it’s obviously the ladies.

Many women may find this such a sweet gesture, but from a fashion perspective, it’s just plain ugly to see a man toting a  small red Chanel purse. My guy friends, who are not of the ladies’ bag-toting category, have this to say: “It’s totally fine to help a girlfriend with her shopping bags, but carrying her purse is a different story since it’s her accessory. She bought it, she should carry it.”   

For the price that one pays for a top-quality bag these days, it’s just a waste of money if you let someone else carry it for you – unless you’re carrying your baby or your hands are temporarily occupied for some reason. All I can say to the boys is this: There are other ways to show one’s affection.  Maybe next time it’s just better to buy your girl a bag, instead? Am sure the ladies would love that even more – just a thought.



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  • Jen said: 2825 days ago

    I’m a woman from the Philippines and I pity all the guys who do this.

    • MJC said: 2825 days ago

      If you notice Jen, most of the ones who commented on this post are all men haha

  • Godie said: 2875 days ago

    Other reason: In the Philippines, women will most likely to get robbed if they carry their bags while walking out on the street.

  • Teabag Deluxe said: 2877 days ago

    I only carry my fiancee’s bag if she’s tired or when she is looking for stuff that requires her to use both hands. Maybe it’s just her, but that tiny bag contains so many things, it’s heavier than the bag I bring to work.

  • warren bautista said: 2878 days ago

    francis acero, i pity you. Just dont accept the bag. Man up! Only women carry purse’s and maybe gays.

  • Ivan Maminta said: 2879 days ago

    Ladies went through all the time and effort to get the bag or purse that they want. It is a waste if a guy totes it for her under the illusion that is a chivalrous act. In fact, it leaves the woman feeling vulnerable. And the man looking like an idiot. I totally agree with this article. And i do believe the only times you carry a woman’s purse or bag is when she needs to go to the bathroom or she’s trying out a new bag in a shop.

  • Francis Acero said: 2880 days ago

    I’m from the Philippines, and I can tell you no amount of looking stupid or any other reason will stop my wife from handing over her purse to me, and from expecting me to carry her purse, which I had no hand in purchasing or selecting its contents.