The lazy girl’s manicure

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The lazy girl’s manicure 1

I’m one of those girls who like having their nails done. Unfortunately, manicures aren’t exactly known for being everlasting. And if you’re having a bad day, they get ruined with the slightest budge even before you get home. So to play it safe, I just have it cleaned without polish, or settle for light neutral shades since chipping won’t look so obvious with them. Enter the Gelish manicure – a hybrid between soak-off gels and regular polish that lasts for weeks.  Available in various shades from light to dark, getting a Gelish manicure is pretty much the same as a regular manicure, only that each layer – base, color, and topcoat, are all “cured” in an ultraviolet lamp. However, it costs more than a regular manicure at Php680 a pop, and removal takes some effort, as well. Removal is offered at the salon, but can be done a home by soaking cotton pads with nail polish remover and wrapping them around your nails for around 15-20 minutes. Usually, the color is scraped off with a cuticle pusher. Gelish may have its drawbacks, but if you’re one of those girls who don’t like to frequent the salon and don’t have the patience to keep retouching your polish, this is perfect for you.

The Gelish manicure is available at all Piandre salons in Manila

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