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Not your usual beauty products 1

K-Palette's latest offerings: Mega Cute Eyelid Tape and Glue

Not your usual beauty products 1

Lavander and Easy Breathing Smelling Salts from Ritual

Not your usual beauty products 1

Popular Chinese tonic Zheng Gu Shui

Not your usual beauty products 1

Tony Moly Panda's Dream Goddby Dark Eye Corrector

Not your usual beauty products 1

Naris Up Acmedica Medicated Acne Mist

Not your usual beauty products 1Not your usual beauty products 1Not your usual beauty products 1Not your usual beauty products 1Not your usual beauty products 1

When I was covering the “beauty beat” as a beauty editor years ago, I would come across tons of beauty products from attending events left and right. In the course of trying them out (all for the sake of journalism, of course), I’ve come to discover that some work, some don’t live up to the hype, while others are just plain marketing. Others even made my skin break out (the perils of beauty journalism tsk tsk). Though I rarely attend beauty launches these days, that doesn’t stop me from checking the beauty counters every now and then to discover new products for myself or to share with friends. With the years I’ve spent covering the “beauty beat,” I’d like to believe that very few beauty products surprise me, but apparently, the products am sharing with you have proven me wrong. Here are some of the most “unusual” ones I’ve come across of late:

1. K-Palette Mega Cute Eyelid Glue and Tape – the answer to “monolids”, these look like mascara wands but upon opening the package, look and smell more like Liquid Paper (the smell disappears later on). Popular in Japan, China, and Korea, you apply these on your eyelid to create that double eyelid effect. I tried the tape type on myself and though I don’t really need this since I have deep-set eyes, it does make a bit of a difference. Just make sure you apply this over powder shadow (it cakes on cream formulas) and close your eyes while waiting for the tape or glue to dry (takes around 30 seconds).

2. Ritual Smelling Salts – I would only come across the term smelling salts (or hartshorn) in period novels (honestly I thought they disappeared along with the Victorian era). Usually, these are often used for fainting spells but apparently, they have other uses. Similar to aromatherapy balms or roll-ons, these scented smelling salts work the the same way to help you relax or energize. And it comes in very attractive packaging, as well.    

3. Zheng Gu Shui – sent by my friend Vanessa Santos (aka #thevainmama on social media sites), this contraption looks like cough syrup, but it’s an effective remedy to heal bruises, muscle pains, and aching joints without much of that hot mentholated feeling you get from other brands like say, Salonpas.

4. Tony Moly Panda’s Dream Goodbye Dark Eye Corrector - Korean brand Tony Moly likes to make use of cute, catchy product labels. (Panda eyes = dark circles so that got me hooked), but the product is pretty good. Take note that this isn’t a concealer as the label would suggest, but an eye cream. It absorbs easily and has a nice cooling effect. A great bargain too for less than Php500.

5. Naris Up Acmedica Medicated Acne Care Mist – I came across this product in Sasa in Hong Kong. This is supposed to be sprayed on the chest and back area for chest and bacne (back acne) – it has a metholated, cooling effect but you’ll need to complement this with other acne-fighting products to completely get rid of persistent acne in said areas.

Zheng Gu Shui is available at; Ritual is at The Collective, Malugay St., San Antonio, Makati; Tony Moly is at SM Department Stores, SM Megamall, Manila, and North Edsa, Alabang Town Center, and Eastwood; K-Palette is available at all Beauty Bar outlets. 






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