The wardrobe detox

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The wardrobe detox 1

When it comes to closet purging, be ruthless – just like Cher in Clueless

It’s around this time of the year that most do detox for the body – but the kind of detox I like to do every so often involves my closet.

Now I know we’ve all had our moments of impulse buying – to make us feel better (or maybe the big SALE sign was just too hard to resist) , only to have them lurking inside the closet for years. And like the usual detox, purging your wardrobe doesn’t come easy – it takes a bit of ruthlessness to make space for things that fit and flatter, things that you really love.

First things first, go through everything and divide your things into piles. I like to divide these piles into KEEP, MEND, STORE and TOSS. For items that have stains, faded color, snags or rips you can’t fix, this goes automatically in the toss pile. Whites that have somewhat become yellowish in color joins this pile.  

With the exception of vintage, antique and traveling clothes for colder climates (which goes into STORE for obvious reasons), items I haven’t worn worn in a while (meaning a year or two) go into the TOSS pile because chances are, I will never wear them again. Same goes for things that don’t look flattering anymore.  As a general rule, everything you own should fit your life now, not the size you were three years ago. If you’re in a time of transition – say, you’ve just had a baby – give yourself a year (OK fine, two). 

If you can’t decide yourself what should stay or go, ask a friend. Choose your decluttering partner carefully, though. They have to be someone who can be constructive and ruthless – no pack rats and hoarders!

Lastly, to avoid what others now term as “stuffucation”, I usually remove something when I buy something, and, whenever I do think of getting something, I make sure (well, try) it already goes with a few other things in the closet. If I need other new things to make it work , it’s usually a no.

The result? Most of the time I unearth some old things I can use again, or find some unused things that I give to friends (with full disclosure on the Spring cleaning, of course). The harder part though, is organizing and putting those in the KEEP pile back in the closet. More on that later…






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