What beauty editors aren’t telling you

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What beauty editors aren’t telling you 1

It’s no secret that top magazine editors receive a lot of SWAG (our term for freebies). The beauty editors, most of all, get buried in the latest creams, lipsticks, and every gadget known to mankind in the hopes of getting the editorial thumbs-up  – a feature in the magazine. As a former beauty editor, I extolled the benefits of exfoliating and following a step-by-step skincare and makeup routine, but I will be one of the few to admit that not all of us practice what we preach.  It’s simple – all the tips we write about may look good on print, but perhaps, a little time-consuming in everyday life. I’ll clue you in on some shortcuts:


  1. Don’t wash your hair everyday.

    Unless you have a grueling daily workout routine, washing your hair everyday will just dry it out. Instead, the hair experts recommend a dry shampoo (the one by Klorane remains a favorite) to give body and texture to second-day hair.

  2. When it comes to anti-aging, Retinol is still your best bet.

    Even the editors at Vogue gave their thumbs-up for this one, the reason being that Vitamin A (you may know of them as Tretinoin, Differin) is the best proven anti-ager around. And it keeps acne at bay, as well. Over the counter formulations found in Pond’s Age Miracle and Neutrogena won’t cause extreme redness and peeling, but those from the dermatologist probably will. Ask your dermatologist for any possible side effects before getting on it.

  3. Leave the toner

    Some people like the toner because of that tingly feeling but that’s all there is to it. Unless your wrestle in the mud on a daily basis, if you’re using a good cleanser and makeup remover, this is one step you can skip. And If you think you’re removing more dirt by using a toner, that black goo that you see on the cotton ball are actually dead skin cells, not dirt.

  4. When it comes to evening makeup, go for a strong eye.

    Most of us opt to play up our eyes for evening since it’s more long-lasting compared to say, wearing red lipstick. Red lipstick is actually high-maintenance – you’ll need to keep checking your teeth for stains and retouch it the whole evening.

  5. Be blind to pretty packaging.

    This can be easy for editors, since they often get sent lab samples instead of products in their actual packaging. But remember, there’s much to be discovered in the drugstore department as much as department stores – do the brands Cetaphil, Neutrogena, Olay, Nivea, and Pond’s ring a bell to you? Some drugstore products can work as well (if not better) than the latest expensive cream out there.

More on these tips in another entry – soon!

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